Meet the staff

Carrie Nightingale (Owner, Teacher at all the sessions & all the admin)

I learnt to swim when I was 2, it was a big part of our life as we lived overseas and I was privileged to be able to swim virtually every day. When we moved back to the UK things were different and we really missed the water and so we joined Rushmoor Synchronised Swimming Club (which are still going and very successful). We swam up to 5 or 6 times a week and supplemented our training by coaching each other.

Later came a career in the computer industry, I found a lovely man to marry me and until I had my first child I hadn’t really kept up with swimming other than an occasional recreational swim and holidays.

Then came Emily, I took her myself until she was 3, and then enrolled her into lessons but was horrified at the progress she didn’t make. I realised I could do a lot better myself since I had my coaching from synchro … I got myself qualified with the Amateur Swimming Association and worked with O’Toole’s Swimming School based in Surrey. I loved the way they taught … they use the “Kennedy” method and have been for over 25 years!

I founded Nightingale’s Swim School in 2002 and started by teaching just a few children in a private pool and now we have a number of teachers and over 300 children swimming with us each week.  

Our Monday Team:

Teachers: Carrie, Ben, Helen, Lucy, Mary, Scarlet & Halle

Assistants: Freyja & Maisie

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Our Saturday Team:

Teachers: Carrie, Ben, Helen, Kelly, Lucy, Mary, Scarlet & Halle

Assisting: Poppy-Lulu, Grace, Bethany, Freyja & occasionally Chloe

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Our Thursday Team:

Teachers: Carrie & Mary

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