We recently joined the Aquaplane Swim Schools Partnership & our pupils have been enjoying using them.

We are very different to most other swim schools as we teach breastroke as a first stroke and our syllabus is built on that.  Since we are looking for a perfect stroke before we reduce buoyancy on our beginner swimmers, it can be a juggling act of buoyancy aids for the individual child whilst we strive for that perfect stroke.  We have always previously used arm discs & woggles. 

Since experimenting with the Aquaplane in our lessons we have found that some of our children have thrived using it as their movement is not prohibited with the arm discs and they do not need to worry about the movement of the woggle.  The children have both their arms & legs completely free to focus on the perfect breastroke action.

We’ve also used it as a training aid when teaching front crawl & back crawl.  The Aquaplane is a great shape to hold both on your chest when doing backstroke & with your hands out front when practicing frontcrawl leg kick.

We’ve had shark and mermaid races with them too and we’re excited to watch the children’s development with them next term.

David, one of our beginners,  was thrilled to swim with the Aquaplane aid, and shared the following feedback:

“I really liked the shark fin on my back because it let me move my arms more freely. it was easier to move my arms because the arm bands made my arms seemheavier while the shark fin made it much easier”



They are also great for starting with the backstroke!  We use them as kick boards, so the child holds them over their tummy which gives them plenty of support and gives them the confidence to lay back completely and strengthen their leg kick.

The shape gives the child a really firm grip so they feel completely safe.

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