Class cancellation

We appreciate that customer's may wish to cancel their lessons from time to  time.  

Unfortunately we cannot offer adhoc cancellations for sickness or holidays, or catch up lessons as our timetables are so full and pool time so limited.

We rarely get whole course cancellations unless children have progressed to the stage the parents are happy with or moving out of the area.  So if you are thinking of cancelling your lessons please let us know the reason why so that we can use the feedback to improve our delivery of classes & by completing the form below.  Please note to cancel your lessons we do require 14 days notice in writing/on the form below:

Did you receive timely and clear communication about your booking/cancellation?

Were our team able to address your concerns satisfactorily?

Thank you for taking the time to complete our feedback form. These questions can provide valuable insights into customer satisfaction and help us identify areas for improvement.

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